About Pruve

We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where AI plays a pivotal role. Pruve stands out as a pioneer in Post-AI proof technology.

Our core mission is to enable accountability and cooperation by ensuring that digital interactions and contributions are accurately captured, validated and incentivized towards impactful outcomes. Beyond technological advancements, we are committed to reshaping organizational support systems, fostering an inclusive digital landscape that mirrors our diverse society.

Pruve is on a mission to break down barriers for emerging enterprises, promoting seamless collaboration and distribution of resources. Through our products, we meticulously capture and validate data, empowering organizations and businesses to make informed decisions. 

Join us at Pruve as we pioneer the transformation of the digital realm into a realm of trust, opportunity, and inclusive growth, enabling accountability and cooperation at every step.

Our Vision and Mission

Transform society

Enable seamless data sharing and impactful measurement, fostering a transparent environment where societal contributions are visible and verifiable.

Develop potential

Equip individuals and teams with the tools to develop their potential and foster a future rich in cooperation and innovation.

Incentivize "Good"

By enhancing the measurability of 'good', we make tangible the benefits of ethical and impactful behavior, rewarding players who contribute positively to society.

Core Values and Guidelines

Respect and inclusion

Embrace diversity and foster an environment where all voices are heard and respected, free from discrimination and harassment.


Focus on the future with a proactive approach to problem-solving, minimizing negative events and maximizing opportunities for improvement.

Open Communication

Maintain transparency in all dealings, encouraging open dialogue to resolve issues and share insights.

Collaborative Environment

Encourage a teamwork-driven ethos where results matter more than the means, as long as they adhere to ethical standards.

Innovative Productivity

Promote a culture of experimentation and learning, where new tools and methods are embraced to enhance productivity.

Sustainable Work-Life

Advocate for a balanced approach to work, ensuring that productivity does not compromise personal well-being.